Wedding Themes in Modern Times

Wedding Themes in Modern Times

In today’s modern age, wedding photography concepts, themes and styles are getting creative by the minute. Gone are the days when couples are presented on a formal and traditional setting. Nowadays, wedding themes are becoming more fun and exciting with out of the box ideas. These concepts are played out through the invitations, program, decors, party favors and other elements that make up the entire theme. If you are thinking of new ideas for your wedding, here are a couple of trends in wedding photography that you can expect to see more of.

Candid Shots                                                                            

It has always been customary for wedding photos to have the traditional and formal shots. Everything is positioned and staged carefully. However, times have changed and natural, candid shots are now taking over. Whether it’s a photo of the couple intimately looking at each other or the bridesmaid slipping on the aisle during the wedding march, these kind of shots rely heavily on the photographer and his skills. Since these are candid photos, photographers should be keen and observant about everything that is going around during the event. Imagine capturing that moment when the groom first lays his eyes on the bride. Priceless.

Film Photography

Film photography is starting to make a comeback. Since everything is digital, throwing in film photography will add variety to the pie. Going back to the basics with film photography will bring out the richness, dynamic colors and other elements that somehow get lost in digital shots.

Filter and Editing Tools

During post production design, photographers now get to play with thewedding photos. There are several styles of editing programs that include color enhancement, filters, textures and other tools. Your overall theme can also be reflected on your photos. Pictures can appear washed out or faded to make it appear timeless and vintage or you can enhance the colors by making it more vivid. There are many techniques on how to enrich or alter the photos.

Drone Photography

Drones are quickly making a mark in photography. It can be practically used in any kind of setting and weddings are not an exception. Aerial shots are now possible which produce beautiful photos of the landscape, background and setting which were not possible before. Not only that but you get a whole picture of what is happening during the ceremony. These angles show a different story altogether.

Wedding Hashtags

Similar to corporate events and launches, wedding hashtags are now part of the program and theme. Couples are customizing hashtags for their weddings and asking guests to post photos online using their hashtags. Using hashtags is one way of making the wedding more personalized for both the couple and the guests. It brings a sense of ownership to their event. Plus it’s fun to use.

These wedding photography trends will continue to be popular and we can expect to see more creative ideas and concepts. When it comes to brainstorming your own wedding theme, the sky is the limit as long as you can adapt and execute it to your satisfaction. Nonetheless, building a story around your theme is one of the most exciting parts when planning a wedding. It is always best to pick a theme that reflects the couple’s personalities.

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