Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer for your wedding is kind of like dating. The first thing you’ll notice is looks…and the second is personality. Both qualities are extremely important – both in choosing who to spend the rest of your life with, and in choosing the photographer that is best for you.

Just like dating, the first thing you’ll notice, and the first thing you should notice is looks. Now some may disagree, but you can’t force yourself to be attracted to something (or someone) you’re not! So why do it? Especially when it comes to your photos. So I say when looking for the right photographer, start by finding a style you like. You’ll know you’ve found it when you start picturing you and your fiancé in the photos you’re looking at. You’ll start imagining your dress, your shoes, your flowers, your hair, your colors – all of it in the photos you’re seeing. More than that, you’ll feel something when you look at those photos, and it will be the same feeling you get when you think of your love. That’s when you’ve found you’re style.

Now you need to find some photographers that shoot the style you love. Again, you’ll simply know it by looking at their portfolios. (Sounds a lot like online dating huh? Lol)

So let the dating begin! I mean, you don’t want to marry someone just because you find them hot…right? I hope not! I mean its definitely important and all, but you need more than just looks and chemistry.

The same goes for your photographer! Just because they shoot the style you like doesn’t mean you should hire them without getting to know them a little first. Why? Simple, just because they look great online doesn’t mean everything is going to be smooth sailing to a happily ever after. They may shoot the style you like, but if your personalities don’t click, they won’t be able to get those same images with you no matter how professional and great they are, or how hard they try.


Well being in front of a camera is uncomfortable for most people, kind of like public speaking or blind dates. And trust me, the last thing you want is for your photography session to be a blind date gone horribly wrong.

Photographers get those great pictures by having a comfortable working relationship with their clients. It’s hard to make you look your absolute best, and give you the pictures you want, if you freeze when the lens appears. Great photographers know how to make you feel comfortable and forget the lens is there, but that happens because of their individual style and way of working. Everyone is different, so this ability to relax you in front of the lens can only really happen if your personalities click.

As much as I would like to put on rose-colored glasses and say every professional photographer knows how to mold themselves to click with all clients…it simply won’t be true. It’s not out of dislike or anything negative towards any individual, it just simply is. We all have unique personalities, and with that uniqueness there are those we just jive better with than others. And the same will go for you as the bride and groom. There will be certain photographers that you like more, and it will have nothing to do with their work. You will just be a good fit for each other.

See as I said at the beginning, it really is a lot like dating.

So once you’ve found a style you love. I recommend finding a few photographers that shoot that style and meet with them. I promise a half hour of their time and yours, will save you both a lot of heartache in the end. Happily Ever Afters are much more fun and satisfying anyways!

This is why I personally won’t book a wedding until I have had a chance to meet with the bride, and if possible the groom. I want to make sure I’m a good fit for you and vice versa. I always want my clients to be amazed not only with their photos, but with the experience of working with me.

If we’re not a good fit I’m ok with that. I’ll gladly recommend other excellent photographers I know that might be a better fit for you. You should love your photos! And I always want to add to your day, not take away from it!

If we are a match…it gives us a little time to get to know each other better and start brainstorming about what great things we are going to do for your photos.