Since Digital Cameras More closely into our lives that it will be in the pictures were taken as the center more and more divergent from the wisdom of functions, some function more efficient and convenient service to the shooting, some are just the gimmick than the nature of “chicken ribs “function, but some even trifles departure from the digital camera the most original mind. Ask: How many people in today’s digital cameras more and more useless gimmick pay it? Whether the user is the impulse to the masses know the truth, or with the eyes that sense the consumer, I am afraid only the market can give us a final answer.

This article, we will refer to six of today’s digital cameras useless features, and for each analysis. Some of these features with the quality of the loss of effectiveness in the pursuit of unnecessary images, some may seem powerful in fact is not easy to use, and some are stuck in the time of purchase to buy after the ignorance of users know that these so-called additional, In fact, we value-added features for less than once. James

a “digital” will have water

Many friends in the purchase of digital camera, even on little understanding of the product also can ask the most pixels with zoom. Is the zoom on this issue, many people fall into the trap of dealers that buy a higher zoom, or a wider focal region performance camera. Speaking of which, we must mention the words?? Digital zoom, digital macro.

We usually say Shot Focal length that is parallel to the light through the lens, the focus of the collection to distance between the lens. Basically, if the location of Pi Sheti unchanged, the lens focal length and magnification of objects would be proportional relationship. One example, such as Canon IXUS200IS this lens digital camera from the readings we can see the actual lens focal length of 4.3mm – 21.5mm, we can say that it is 5X optical zoom lens the actual focal length of the original mean of 4.3 mm, through the telescopic lens system, the maximum practical focal length lens can be adjusted to 21.5mm. In the same shooting distance can be enlarged five times Pi Sheti. And this physical change on the internal lens and the zoom capabilities have also been what we call “optical zoom.”

And digital zoom (the English name for DigitalZoom) is a distributor and optical zoom while the mouth is often referred to as a vocabulary, and even some dealers will digital zoom and optical zoom ratio multiplied to tell us this camera with up to 90 times zoom ratio. This figure is indeed so large that people staggering, and many people will wonder how many of them water. In fact, the digital zoom is not a real zoom activity, it is not a movement based on the completion of the physical changes in the lens, but merely in the body were cut within the local scene, thus taking advantage of people on the scene “near Tai far smaller “visual habits mistaken shooting to further some of the scenery. Ordinary digital zoom, the picture will be cropped again stretch back to the original ratio of dimensions, can imagine the consequences of this operation is a great loss of quality. Although there was Sony’s “Smart digital zoom” and claimed that the digital zoom and will not lose quality, but examine the original picture after the operation, we can see the photos of the resolution than when we first set the camera The different degrees of narrowing, so the digital zoom is a class picture quality loss by cutting and the cost of the “pseudo-zoom.”