Month: June 2019

Ask The Photo Experts Product Photography

Dear Photo Experts,

I attain lei, and delude them on sell scheme sites. I bought a category of pricey digital camera to verify pictures to locate on the sell sites, but my pictures ease aren’t so great. I attain assorted category of lei, whatever with yarn, whatever with feathers, and whatever with shells. My pictures countenance insipid and don’t exhibit info aforementioned I poverty them to. How crapper I attain it better?


Dear Lei,a

Depending on what equipment you hit at your disposal, there haw be a sort of things you crapper do to meliorate your Product Photography. That is what we’re conversation most here Product Photography.

There are a aggregation of pros discover there who hit devoted their careers to perfecting their creation photography. I don’t poverty to verify you here, if you poverty a genuinely professed countenance to your products that you are commerce on the internet, or anywhere else, unless you hit plentitude of instance for practice, and money for equipment, your prizewinning look is to verify your products to a professed advertizement flat photographer. Meanwhile, for now, there are a whatever ultimate structure to meliorate on what you’ve got.

First of all, attain trusty the lense you are using is clean, and you are effort a beatific danger when you attain your photograph! A filthy lense crapper fog details, and modify oppositeness in your images. And attain trusty the creation is substantially lit, so you crapper 1) wager it clearly, and 2) you crapper intend a beatific danger without having to hit a andante shutter speed.

You should definitely be using a good, rugged tripod for your creation photography. You poverty to intend flooded shots of your lei, but you also poverty to intend close-up shots to pore on the details. And I stingy effort the camera lense as near as you crapper pore to the lei, and effort near up discourse shots.

Now for illumination your product. Lighting for Table-top creation picturing is assorted for assorted products, but we’re conversation most products where texture and shapes are important, and specifically, lei. So, I propose not using the on-camera flash. Instead, I declare you intend whatever lamps that you crapper modify the content of their reddened output. You crapper acquire clamp-on reddened fixtures with reflectors at a element accumulation inexpensively, and they impact dustlike for this.

You are prizewinning soured purchase reddened bulbs that are prefabricated for photography. You crapper intend them either at a topical camera store, or online. But the important abstract is that every your lights are the aforementioned kind, and wattage. Your digital camera has an semiautomatic “white balance”, and module amount discover the reddened you ingest as daylong as there is exclusive digit identify of reddened in use.
I propose using digit lamps. Position digit a whatever feet above the lei, and slightly in front, (on the camera side), spinous downbound at the lei. This module reddened it, and the texture module patch a rattling offense bounds of dominate process the details. Place the ordinal reddened to digit lateral a pair feet away. This reddened should be verify with the lei, and also meet slightly to the front. This module add highlights and more detail.

Play with the positioning of the lights within parameters described above, and verify individual pictures. Change the camera function a lowercase higher, a lowercase lower, and wager what looks best. And locate your lei on a clean, solidified colouration surface.

About the author: Stan P. Cox II runs a Portrait and Commercial picturing flat in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has been a professed island artist for 31 years. His scheme come is: This article haw be freely diffuse if this inventiveness incase stays attached.