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Ask The Photo Experts Product Photography

Dear Photo Experts,

I attain lei, and delude them on sell scheme sites. I bought a category of pricey digital camera to verify pictures to locate on the sell sites, but my pictures ease aren’t so great. I attain assorted category of lei, whatever with yarn, whatever with feathers, and whatever with shells. My pictures countenance insipid and don’t exhibit info aforementioned I poverty them to. How crapper I attain it better?


Dear Lei,a

Depending on what equipment you hit at your disposal, there haw be a sort of things you crapper do to meliorate your Product Photography. That is what we’re conversation most here Product Photography.

There are a aggregation of pros discover there who hit devoted their careers to perfecting their creation photography. I don’t poverty to verify you here, if you poverty a genuinely professed countenance to your products that you are commerce on the internet, or anywhere else, unless you hit plentitude of instance for practice, and money for equipment, your prizewinning look is to verify your products to a professed advertizement flat photographer. Meanwhile, for now, there are a whatever ultimate structure to meliorate on what you’ve got.

First of all, attain trusty the lense you are using is clean, and you are effort a beatific danger when you attain your photograph! A filthy lense crapper fog details, and modify oppositeness in your images. And attain trusty the creation is substantially lit, so you crapper 1) wager it clearly, and 2) you crapper intend a beatific danger without having to hit a andante shutter speed.

You should definitely be using a good, rugged tripod for your creation photography. You poverty to intend flooded shots of your lei, but you also poverty to intend close-up shots to pore on the details. And I stingy effort the camera lense as near as you crapper pore to the lei, and effort near up discourse shots.

Now for illumination your product. Lighting for Table-top creation picturing is assorted for assorted products, but we’re conversation most products where texture and shapes are important, and specifically, lei. So, I propose not using the on-camera flash. Instead, I declare you intend whatever lamps that you crapper modify the content of their reddened output. You crapper acquire clamp-on reddened fixtures with reflectors at a element accumulation inexpensively, and they impact dustlike for this.

You are prizewinning soured purchase reddened bulbs that are prefabricated for photography. You crapper intend them either at a topical camera store, or online. But the important abstract is that every your lights are the aforementioned kind, and wattage. Your digital camera has an semiautomatic “white balance”, and module amount discover the reddened you ingest as daylong as there is exclusive digit identify of reddened in use.
I propose using digit lamps. Position digit a whatever feet above the lei, and slightly in front, (on the camera side), spinous downbound at the lei. This module reddened it, and the texture module patch a rattling offense bounds of dominate process the details. Place the ordinal reddened to digit lateral a pair feet away. This reddened should be verify with the lei, and also meet slightly to the front. This module add highlights and more detail.

Play with the positioning of the lights within parameters described above, and verify individual pictures. Change the camera function a lowercase higher, a lowercase lower, and wager what looks best. And locate your lei on a clean, solidified colouration surface.

About the author: Stan P. Cox II runs a Portrait and Commercial picturing flat in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has been a professed island artist for 31 years. His scheme come is: This article haw be freely diffuse if this inventiveness incase stays attached.

A Short Guide To Wedding Photographers

As your wedding day will be one of the biggest days in your life, you’ll naturally want to have photos that allow you to look back on the day and remember the details that inevitably slip from your mind over time. Hiring a wedding photographer is therefore an important part of the wedding planning process. A look in the phonebook, or a quick search on Google, will show you that finding a wedding photographer isn’t difficult. To find a good one though will require you to invest some time, effort and, of course, money.

Make sure that you specifically ask about their experience in relation to photographing weddings. Just because a photographer may specialize in, say, fashion photography, doesn’t mean that they can deal with the riggers and stress of photographing a wedding. As with any line of work, it takes years of practice to master the art. Also, bear in mind that a photographer can only work on one wedding a day, and with the majority of weddings taking place on a weekend, and only in the spring / summer months, a photographer who says that they have a years worth of experience may have actually only worked at a few weddings before. Therefore, you need to ask them exactly how many weddings they have photographed over the years.

As well as finding out about their experience, you should ask about their qualifications and whether they are affiliated with any photographic organizations. Those who are members of a well-known photographic organization (check out the websites of the name or names that they give you) are usually a safe bet because they’ll have had to pass a test to become a member and will have to adhere to certain guidelines and practices. Photographers with both experience and who are members of reputable organizations can certainly be found, but they’ll have been booked up by other couples well in advance, so you need to make sure that you do the same and not leave things until the last minute.

Whatever you do, you should avoid taking the ‘easy’ option by asking a friend or relative to take the photographs at your wedding. If someone you know is a keen photographer they may well offer their services, but you shouldn’t let sentiment get in the way. Just think how disappointed you would be if you have a great day but only have poor photographs to remember it by. To lessen the pain of saying ‘no’ to someone you like, you could say that you would love them to take some photographs and that you will be very grateful for them, but that you will also be hiring a professional too. Effectively, they would be a supplementary photographer rather than the primary one.

To summarize, as with any type of service, you generally get what you pay for, and wedding photographers are no exception. If you have to cut costs somewhere as part of your wedding plans, try to cut them somewhere other than on the photography.


Learning Photography – Leading line

A leading line in photography is a real line (A long wall for example) or an imagined one (Looking down at a row of umbrellas held by a group of people standing in line). The leading lines lead the viewer’s eye to the object of the picture placed at the edge of these lines or at the length or width of the picture (the sight begins at one end and ends at the other). A leading line is used mostly in landscape shots, where a stream leads the eye from one corner to another, the sky leads the sight from end to end and so on. Leading lines can be straight, diagonal or a curving line.

How to use leading lines in photography

You can divide the use of lead lines to several key ways:

Using leading lines to lead the viewer throughout the picture – In this case, the line serves as an anchor that leads the viewer throughout the pictures. With the use of a leading line the viewer can see all the landscape you shot as his eyes go along with the clear skyline.
Using leading lines to lead the viewer to the central object of a picture – The leading line can end right at the center of the main object of interest, just like a path leading to a house. In this case, the leading line doesn’t necessarily appear as the main interest of the picture, but more as a “guide line”.
Using a leading line as a separator of two or more objects – Using a leading line as a separator allows you to produce a unique contrast between objects within the image. An example for that can be seen in this high wall across the picture: notice the children on the left, which seem happy while the other children stand and look sad. A leading line between different parts of the same picture, although it is clear that the picture itself is one entity, can add a spark of uniqueness.

The leading line in this picture leads the viewer from one side to the other, while telling the story of the boys who played cricket and suddenly left the game.

The use of a leading line in landscape photography
In landscape photography, as well as in panoramic photography, the skilled photographer is constantly looking for object lines, which often lead the viewer into the picture. The line can begin and continue on the right top to the left bottom, or a crooked line that leads from one side to the other.
While taking a landscape picture try and look for a river, a dirt path, a row of houses etc.

If you choose to shoot landscape including a piece of sky – in most cases you can see a natural line formed between the sky and the ground. In many cases beginner photographers mistakenly devote half the frame to the sky and half for the land. In these cases, just as in the rule of thirds, the recommended partition is a third and two thirds.

Since the sky, even though they are a key element in our sight, are usually not as “interesting”, it is customary to dedicate the top third to the sky and the remaining two thirds to the ground. In any case you find the sky dramatic or interesting (for example: contain an interesting object or cloud) you can dedicate two-thirds to the sky, stressing them out.

Learn more about photography and read about the construction of composition, or about the depth of field. You can also simply register for a free photography course and get a weekly lesson directly to your mailbox, including a short practice and some important photography tips: Photography course.


Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer for your wedding is kind of like dating. The first thing you’ll notice is looks…and the second is personality. Both qualities are extremely important – both in choosing who to spend the rest of your life with, and in choosing the photographer that is best for you.

Just like dating, the first thing you’ll notice, and the first thing you should notice is looks. Now some may disagree, but you can’t force yourself to be attracted to something (or someone) you’re not! So why do it? Especially when it comes to your photos. So I say when looking for the right photographer, start by finding a style you like. You’ll know you’ve found it when you start picturing you and your fiancé in the photos you’re looking at. You’ll start imagining your dress, your shoes, your flowers, your hair, your colors – all of it in the photos you’re seeing. More than that, you’ll feel something when you look at those photos, and it will be the same feeling you get when you think of your love. That’s when you’ve found you’re style.

Now you need to find some photographers that shoot the style you love. Again, you’ll simply know it by looking at their portfolios. (Sounds a lot like online dating huh? Lol)

So let the dating begin! I mean, you don’t want to marry someone just because you find them hot…right? I hope not! I mean its definitely important and all, but you need more than just looks and chemistry.

The same goes for your photographer! Just because they shoot the style you like doesn’t mean you should hire them without getting to know them a little first. Why? Simple, just because they look great online doesn’t mean everything is going to be smooth sailing to a happily ever after. They may shoot the style you like, but if your personalities don’t click, they won’t be able to get those same images with you no matter how professional and great they are, or how hard they try.


Well being in front of a camera is uncomfortable for most people, kind of like public speaking or blind dates. And trust me, the last thing you want is for your photography session to be a blind date gone horribly wrong.

Photographers get those great pictures by having a comfortable working relationship with their clients. It’s hard to make you look your absolute best, and give you the pictures you want, if you freeze when the lens appears. Great photographers know how to make you feel comfortable and forget the lens is there, but that happens because of their individual style and way of working. Everyone is different, so this ability to relax you in front of the lens can only really happen if your personalities click.

As much as I would like to put on rose-colored glasses and say every professional photographer knows how to mold themselves to click with all clients…it simply won’t be true. It’s not out of dislike or anything negative towards any individual, it just simply is. We all have unique personalities, and with that uniqueness there are those we just jive better with than others. And the same will go for you as the bride and groom. There will be certain photographers that you like more, and it will have nothing to do with their work. You will just be a good fit for each other.

See as I said at the beginning, it really is a lot like dating.

So once you’ve found a style you love. I recommend finding a few photographers that shoot that style and meet with them. I promise a half hour of their time and yours, will save you both a lot of heartache in the end. Happily Ever Afters are much more fun and satisfying anyways!

This is why I personally won’t book a wedding until I have had a chance to meet with the bride, and if possible the groom. I want to make sure I’m a good fit for you and vice versa. I always want my clients to be amazed not only with their photos, but with the experience of working with me.

If we’re not a good fit I’m ok with that. I’ll gladly recommend other excellent photographers I know that might be a better fit for you. You should love your photos! And I always want to add to your day, not take away from it!

If we are a match…it gives us a little time to get to know each other better and start brainstorming about what great things we are going to do for your photos.


Photo Lighting Equipment

The Important of Photo Lighting Equipment

Photo Studio Lighting Kit

If you want to create professional looking photographs, you’ve got to understand light. While professional photo lighting equipment isn’t strictly necessary, you do have to have a situation where you’re in control. Here’s a look at some of the photography lighting equipment you may want to choose.

For most of us, a light meter is still standard photographic lighting equipment. Unless you have a newer digital camera with a built in spot meter, you’re going to need one of these to determine the appropriate exposure. You’ll also need a reflector for directional lighting. Most have one shiny side and one white side to offer differing light output. Add an external flash that works with your specific camera to give you better light control and range. Beware of older external flash units if you’re using a digital SLR. Their different voltage could kill your camera. Use these only with an adapter, or better yet – not at all.

A slave flash is also important. This piece of photo lighting equipment is not meant to be mounted on your camera, but instead operates off camera. Generally, this works using a trigger flash – a sensor that can identify when your camera is taking a picture and will set off the slave flash. You can also directly connect a digital camera to a slave flash array so that it tells the flash when to operate.

Hot, or continuous lights, are those large studio lights that we all expect to see. Always on, these are generally fairly hot in temperature, which can make them uncomfortable to be around. Fluorescents offer a different option, now, which is less expensive, less hot, and generally easier to deal with. They also last longer than halogens or tungsten lights.

Strobes are another important piece of photo lighting equipment. They flash using either a remote control or a slave sensor. Some are used in concert with continuous lights, while other sets are strobe only. The type you choose will depend on your photographic style. You may also want a light umbrella, with reflective materials on the inside to bounce light back at your subject. This is a non-directional light that’s more pleasant than direct lighting.

Soft boxes work similarly, but are generally softer. These boxes are mounted over the light itself, and the light has to pass through them to reach the subject. They’re often black on the outside and reflective on the inside. They’re more expensive than umbrellas, but you can make your own if money is a consideration. They’re a useful piece of photo lighting equipment that can improve the look of your images significantly.

These aren’t all the photo lighting equipment options out there, but they’re some of the basics. They can help you put together an effective studio. The best way to decide what you need after that is to experiment. You might just be surprised by what you may find!

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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer through their Blog

There have been lots of technological advancements that have happened within the last decade and many of these have benefited us as well as those who are trying to promote their businesses.  Though the advent of social media as well as free blog sites where you can create personal blogs of the business or service you want to promote, many of us can now easily find some of the businesses or services we are looking for.  These have been all possible thanks to the advancement in internet technology, internet speeds, and digital storage hardware.

These days, if you are looking for a particular business, you can simply search for it on the internet.  For example, if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Calgary that has the right potential skillset to cover your special occasion, you can now look at their social media pages and blog sites where samples of their work can be seen.  Aside from just sample images of their work in wedding photography, the Calgary wedding photographer blog site should showcase some of the important things potential clients may want to know about them and their services.

The blog or social media page should contain their contact number, where they are located, some of the work they have done and how long they have been doing wedding photography, the list of services they provide and the packages and pricing you can avail of, and other relevant information that they too may ask should they be in the same situation as that of their clients.  They should keep in mind that it is through their blog that they can acquire clients who may be interested in hiring their services.

The truth is that wedding photographers need no longer hire physical spaces just to have a business space in a commercial area.  Thanks to the internet, blogs, and social media, advertising, promoting, and the finding of clients can all now be done in the internet.  In fact, if a certain business has made a bad reputation for themselves, you can also search this on the internet just as a means of checking on whether a certain business is legit or not, or if their business practices is on the unacceptable side that dealing with them should be avoided at all possible cost.  This is why for wedding photographers who posts their businesses online, they should make it a point to showcase and provide all pertinent details and information that will make clients not doubt their capability and business reputation.…

Wedding Themes in Modern Times

In today’s modern age, wedding photography concepts, themes and styles are getting creative by the minute. Gone are the days when couples are presented on a formal and traditional setting. Nowadays, wedding themes are becoming more fun and exciting with out of the box ideas. These concepts are played out through the invitations, program, decors, party favors and other elements that make up the entire theme. If you are thinking of new ideas for your wedding, here are a couple of trends in wedding photography that you can expect to see more of.

Candid Shots                                                                            

It has always been customary for wedding photos to have the traditional and formal shots. Everything is positioned and staged carefully. However, times have changed and natural, candid shots are now taking over. Whether it’s a photo of the couple intimately looking at each other or the bridesmaid slipping on the aisle during the wedding march, these kind of shots rely heavily on the photographer and his skills. Since these are candid photos, photographers should be keen and observant about everything that is going around during the event. Imagine capturing that moment when the groom first lays his eyes on the bride. Priceless.

Film Photography

Film photography is starting to make a comeback. Since everything is digital, throwing in film photography will add variety to the pie. Going back to the basics with film photography will bring out the richness, dynamic colors and other elements that somehow get lost in digital shots.

Filter and Editing Tools

During post production design, photographers now get to play with thewedding photos. There are several styles of editing programs that include color enhancement, filters, textures and other tools. Your overall theme can also be reflected on your photos. Pictures can appear washed out or faded to make it appear timeless and vintage or you can enhance the colors by making it more vivid. There are many techniques on how to enrich or alter the photos.

Drone Photography

Drones are quickly making a mark in photography. It can be practically used in any kind of setting and weddings are not an exception. Aerial shots are now possible which produce beautiful photos of the landscape, background and setting which were not possible before. Not only that but you get a whole picture of what is happening during the ceremony. These angles show a different story altogether.

Wedding Hashtags

Similar to corporate events and launches, wedding hashtags are now part of the program and theme. Couples are customizing hashtags for their weddings and asking guests to post photos online using their hashtags. Using hashtags is one way of making the wedding more personalized for both the couple and the guests. It brings a sense of ownership to their event. Plus it’s fun to use.

These wedding photography trends will continue to be popular and we can expect to see more creative ideas and concepts. When it comes to brainstorming your own wedding theme, the sky is the limit as long as you can adapt and execute it to your satisfaction. Nonetheless, building a story around your theme is one of the most exciting parts when planning a wedding. It is always best to pick a theme that reflects the couple’s personalities.…

Out of the Box Ideas for your Wedding Photos

Weddings are always exciting and fun especially when capturing extraordinary moments. Creative wedding photography is the ‘in’ thing when it comes to planning your special day. If you are a bride or groom to be, or perhaps a photographer looking for fresh ideas, here are some concepts, themes, props and compositions that you can use as your peg. Hopefully, these will inspire you to think of your own motif.

Destination Photos

Many couple especially those who love to travel are very fond of having the idea of getting their shots filmed amidst a beautiful scenery and landscape. Oftentimes, the background directly speaks to the person looking at the photo. There are many ways to execute a creative shot depending on the setting of the photo shoot. Let’s say a couple met on the beach and are both water babies. They can create an underwater shot to show their love for the sea. Another example, if they are both nature lovers, you can get a shot of the couple hiking or on top of a mountain summit. As a photographer, you should be able to relate their personalities to the destination in order to make the composition appear more natural and personalized. This is better as opposed to picking a random place like the park to shoot your pre-nuptial photos.

Movie Themes

Recreating movie themes is a fun way to shoot a pictorial. Everyone will surely laugh their ass off while attempting to do their own pose. This kind of theme can still reflect the personalities of the couples. They can choose a film that they both love. For instance, if they are both Harry Potter fans then they can build their theme around it. They can wear cloaks over their outfits and pose with their wands. Even the guests will definitely have fun doing this. You can even add special effects to post production photos to make it appear like a poster shot. There are many movies to choose from. Pick a film that is close to the couples’ heart.

Add Humor

Traditional, formal and serious shots are way too boring. It’s always fun to inject a lot of humor and laughter in your photos. Ask the couple and their entourage to make funny and quirky poses. Everyone loves a good laugh especially if it involves them in particular. This includes wacky shots, jump shots and pictures with lots of photo bombers as your background. Looking at these photos later on will make you smile and tell yourself that everyone had an awesome time during at your wedding.

Selfies and Groupies

Everyone knows how to taka a selfie or groupie shot. You can do it anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Couples take selfies inside the church, bridal car and during the reception. Guests do the same. Taking candid shots of people doing their selfies and groupies adds a fun element to creative wedding photography. Everyone loves it. You can try taking a groupie through different angles including a low shot where all of your guests are forming a circle and looking down at your camera.

There are a lot more creative wedding photography ideas, concepts and themes you can surely come up with. Find inspiration from photography or wedding blogs or websites. The most important thing to remember when taking photos is to always have fun.…