Modern smartphones are multifunctional devices that can not only make calls but also cope well with other tasks. One of the most demanded functions of a smartphone is taking pictures and videos. There is an opinion that for a beautiful picture, you need a smartphone with a good camera, but this is not the case. Even some DSLR owners can get boring pictures. After all, much more important is not how powerful the camera is, but how its owner uses it.


How to Take Pictures with a Smartphone Correctly?

So, taking good and high-quality pictures on a smartphone is real. For this, you just need to know how to use the gadget correctly. If you are wondering how to shoot with a smartphone so that you get bright photos as a result, be sure to check out the following recommendations:

Keep your lens clean

Over time, dust may accumulate on the camera lens or fingerprints may appear. In this case, the pictures will come out fuzzy and low-contrast. Therefore, clean the lens with a soft cloth from time to time, especially before taking an important photo.

The advice also has the opposite effect. If you want to reduce the contrast of the image, add glare, fog, and a little blur, then apply a little “dirt” to the front lens. Photographers of the last century used petrolatum for this. Any other oily substance, however, will work well: from chapstick to hand cream.


Watch out for the light

The camera on your phone is very sensitive to bad light. Do not expect good pictures in low light. Also, never take photos of people or objects when there is a bright light source behind them — in this case, you will get a dark silhouette. The best pictures will be obtained if the light source is behind the camera or from the side.

It is also not recommended to use the flash too often. Such light usually distorts colors severely and renders the picture “dead.” Natural daylight makes photos more interesting and rich, so shoot outdoors more often.


Keep your gadget still

When taking a picture, try to keep the smartphone as still as possible or find some kind of support. Even the slightest handshake can make a photo look blurry, especially if the gadget does not have image stabilization.


Forget about zoom

Taking pictures with a smartphone using zoom is one of the most common mistakes. The fact is that zooming significantly degrades the quality of the photo. Therefore, if you want to show something in close-up, then it is best to simply approach the object yourself or, in extreme cases, crop the photo in the editor. Even the most basic editing programs always have a crop function, which allows you to select the most successful shot slowly.


Use programs

A camera on a smartphone is nothing more than a special program for maintaining the lens and matrix. Therefore, it is worth trying to look for other programs for photography, and you may be able to find your ideal option, which allows you to use the capabilities of your device to the maximum.



The crucial thing in good photography is composition. It is the basis, regardless of whether you are taking a picture with a smartphone or a camera. To get a good view of the composition, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the various photographers’ guides to cultivate a sense of harmony in yourself. Besides, when taking pictures with your smartphone, change angles often, so you will have a much better chance of catching a good shot. Fortunately, the compact size of the smartphone allows you to experiment with angles.



If you are no longer satisfied with the capabilities of your gadget, and you want to take better pictures, then an excellent solution would be to purchase special lenses for your phone. They are very compact and do not take up much space, but will greatly expand the capabilities of the camera. Besides, you can purchase a lens with some special features, such as a wide-angle or fisheye. 

Thus, you can get a good photo with a smartphone — the main thing is to know how to take pictures with a gadget properly.

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