Now anyone can take their phone out at the right moment and take a picture. So we do not need to turn to professional photographers anymore. Still, studio photographers have plenty of work to do, and the profession is still in demand. Why is that? Let’s try to get to the bottom of this.

Why are the services of professional photographers still in demand?

Photographer’s salary in the U.S., for example, starts at $ 14 thousand a year, but this is for those people who are just learning the basics of the profession and have virtually no client base. Most professionals earn between $26,000 and $50,000 a year. The 10% of the highest paid professionals earn an average of $77,000 per year. However, even that is not the limit; some professionals have taken their earnings to $100,000. The average monthly income of people working in this field in the U.S. as of the beginning of 2022 is $3,600 per month, which is not bad considering that most professionals have free time jobs.

In other words, relative freedom in work and decent pay are solid reasons for people wishing to engage themselves with professional photography. Another reason is in unleashing creative potential. Taking a photo is like painting a picture: the very same object can be portrayed from completely different angles, and a picture taken by two different people can be unrecognizably different.

Basically, all the reasons for becoming a photographer are quite substantial, which is why this profession is in high demand.

The best and most relevant photoshoots in 2022

A photographer who wants to make good money should always keep up with the times. The things that were considered topical a year ago, now look archaic and boring. Needless to say, you can’t make good money if you don’t follow the trends. So let’s get into today’s popular photoshoots.

Rustic style background

The word “rustic” can also be replaced by “natural”. Such a background is neutral and has nice colors and texture. It is perfect when taking photos of food or product layouts for advertising that should be associated with nature – no artificiality whatsoever. As an option, you could have a background of:

  Elements of stone, such as slate.



You can also use stumps, logs, ground surfaces, etc. as a background.

Creating a dramatic atmosphere

Achieving such an atmosphere in real life is quite tricky; it requires finding a location and combining many factors, so it is most often created during the photo editing stage. High drama pictures often involve:

  Illusory mystical moments, such as the dense fog over a river with people hugging against that background.

  Bright, unusual colors.

  Maximum close-up.

  Breathtaking natural phenomena like the northern lights.

  High color contrast.

  Light effects.

  Making an emphasis on the big elements.

Scientific-oriented stylistics

Whether this is related to the COVID-19 virus or not, but in 2022, photos made in a laboratory are particularly popular in North America. People wearing masks, gloves, aprons, and having test tubes appear in them; often you can see research rooms in the general background. The theme could also be related to space and other such things.


Fashion for this style is cyclical, it either pops out of oblivion or disappears dramatically; and creating photographs with silhouettes is becoming popular once again. Not only is it important to create a silhouette, but also to choose the right entourage.

People in masks

This style certainly represents our times and is 100% about the pandemic. Pictures of people in masks keeping a distance from each other are in vogue today; and there are almost no people in the background of such images. It can also serve as a kind of advertisement to tell you what to do in today’s environment.

Outdoor activities for single people

It overlaps with the previous style. Photos of lonely travelers in the background of mountains or nature or of a man running through the night streets are quite common too. Such pictures look truly impressive and are extremely topical.

Studio photoshoots

Another style worth mentioning is when a professional takes quality pictures in one of his/her photo areas. A stylist can help you choose the image, or the photographer can perform this function himself/herself.

Before you visit the studio, have a look at the portfolio to analyze the previous works of the photographer and assess his/her approximate skill level. This way, you will know what to expect.

When shooting at the studio, the photographer will offer you the necessary props, set the lighting, if necessary, create an imitation of wind, snow, rain, and other natural phenomena.

Photo studios are the perfect place to create family photos; each adult or child will get a specific item of props, the photographer will arrange them in the right way and create the general background.

Taking pictures is a captivating and exciting process, but if you want to make a truly beautiful product, not only do you have to learn how to take high-quality pictures and process them but also you have to love what you’re doing. Then you will find pleasure in it and start making good money.

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